This coffee variety derived its name from the Island of Bourbon, currently known as Reunion Island, located off the eastern coast of Madagascar. It mutated from early Arabica types derived from Ethiopia and Yemen. By the 1870’s, this cultivar was being actively planted in Brazil. Eventually, it became reintroduced to East Africa with prevalence in Rwanda and Burundi. Although Bourbon yields more coffee cherry than Typica, it is still considered very low yielding. The bean size of Bourbon is on the smaller end of the scale while its leaves are broad and verdantly green. Bourbon cherry can mature into red, yellow and orange colors depending on the particular cultivar. This coffee seed is known for its complex acidity and tremendous balance. Bourbon encompasses many other 'Bourbon-type' cultivars such as Kent, Jackson and Mbirizi, the latter two are quite common in Rwanda and Burundi. Yellow Bourbon may have been crossed from Red Bourbon and Amarelo de Botucatu to render its pigment yellow.

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