Tekisic, derived from Bourbon, is a dwarf cultivar that produces exceptional quality. Unlike Caturra, Pacas or Catuai, Tekisic exhibits great internodal spacing and therefore lower yielding when compared to the aforementioned cultivars. This is advantageous to producing outstanding quality. Tekisic, derived from tekiti (the Nahuat word for ‘work’, and ISIC (Instituto Salvadoreño de Investigaciones del Café), translates to ‘the work of ISIC’. Developed in El Salvador, this variety has been planted by Guatemalan and Honduran farmers consciously committed to maximizing their farm's potential. Like classic Bourbon, Tekisic's branches are inverted at a 45 degree angle and bean size tends to be small and chunky. Tekisic produces exceptional flavor with layered acidity and a distinctly heavy mouthfeel. The sweetness of this coffee is intense, leaning towards sugar browning flavors like caramel and brown sugar.